We would like to share our experience with Meghan Settingsgard as our amazing birth doula. My wife Shay and I decided to explore the possibility of engaging a doula a few months into our first pregnancy after attending a Parent Topic Night called All About Doulas. We had also read articles and heard from other friends who also used doulas, all positive experiences.

Since we were first-time parents and had the goal of a birth that used minimal intervention, the idea of a doula really appealed to us. After learning more at the parent topic night we were absolutely sure we wanted one. Upon first meeting Meghan and learning that her philosophy of ‘I will help you have the birth experience that YOU want' was exactly what we were hoping for. 

Her visits to our home to answer questions and help develop our birth plan were relaxed, informative, and really fun. She was open and honest about all of the different options, while remaining completely unbiased about any preference that she may have had.  Meghan encouraged us to talk and explore our options, and was available to answer all of our questions and concerns. We felt very confident with our birthing decisions prior to the “big day” and we wouldn’t have felt that way without her support and knowing that we had her on our team.

When labor started at home during the wee hours of the night, Meghan was available and was offering support. When we decided it was time for her to come, she was at our house shortly after. She showed up with a calm, confident voice at a time of uncertainty. From the very beginning of our extremely long labor, Meghan was constantly coming up with different means of support – breathing, massage, music & rhythms, conversation and humor. She was so good at reminding/assuring us about what was happening. Meghan knew how to help me move through the pain, supporting both Shay and myself, and providing a 'voice of reason' when I was positive that the pain would last forever.

Even though our labor did not go exactly as we had planned and we faced several hurdles along the way, we met our end goal. Both Shay and I are so thankful for having Meghan through the whole experience, and could not imagine having to go through the delivery without her…in fact we aren’t sure if we would have made it through without her! She stayed by our side the entire 49 hours of labor, being a hand to hold, a shoulder to cry on, and the biggest cheerleader you can imagine. She stayed strong, professional, and extremely patient. If you're looking for a doula who is not only highly experienced, educated and wise, but also kind, supportive, funny and comes across as a real 'friend' when you really need one, we highly recommend contacting Meghan to talk about what she can bring to your pregnancy and birth experience. When we look back at the happiest day of our life this far, we are proud and thankful that Meghan was there to share the joy with us.


"Meghan supported us through the birth of our first child. As we were looking for doulas, we were instantly drawn to her positive energy, realism, and humor. Meghan helped us access resources and think through planning before our birth and supported us during the delivery with empathy and empowerment. She helped us to feel more informed going into the process and was crucial at the hospital in helping me feel strong and adaptable. I fully recommend Meghan's supportive work as a doula to any family."

We were lucky enough to have Meghan as our doula for our birth at Willow Birth Center.  She was amazing!  The perfect calm we needed.  She was a great support to both my husband and I.  We would highly recommend her to anyone looking for a doula for their birth.  Thank you Meghan!